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Color Returns - Three Palettes #3

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Delve into a world of color and scrumptious delight.  Tired of the same old blah?  Here's a chance to really create and exciting environment or to create a relaxing mood in a space.  Did you know that colors actually impact us physically, that the vibration of the light affects our bodies.  As well, people respond to different colors positively or negatively.  This is why some people like to wear earth tones and others like jewel tones or pastels.  Colors in our home and work environment equally impact us.

So often work spaces are designed in gray, gray walls, gray desk, gray, gray gray.  Do you want to have that in your home as well?  It's easy to bring color into your home.  Perhaps you have a simple palette of white or gray as your background, you can add pillows, create accent walls, an colorful accent chair, or colorful art to readily and economically change a space.

Let's look at some upcoming colors for Spring 2018 and consider the possibilities.

Evening Glow by Hailey Herrera

Evening Glow by Hailey Herrera   Watercolor Batik

Or perhaps a quieter piece.

Afternoon Stroll by Hailey Herrera

Afternoon Stroll by Hailey Herrera   Watercolor Batik

Or this?

A touch of Spring.

A Return To My Beginnings by Karen Vernon  Watercolor  60" x 36"

Color Returns - Three Palettes #2

Rich color can be simple accents in a sedate setting or it can be an emblazoned wall that makes a dynamic statement about who you are and how you feel.  Bold or quietly stated, color celebrates life!  Spring by Lyudmila Agrich    24 x 24 OilCosmos In My Garden by Lyudmila Agrich  9 x 12   OilSpring [...]

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Color Returns - Spring 2018 - Three Palettes #1

The days of white and gray are falling away.  Through the years, history has shown that during times of economic depression, war, strife and spiritualism, color falls away and earthy neutrals and grays will dominate in fashion and design styles.  These neutral tones and vertical lines with simplistic shapes will be seen throughout the design [...]

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The Photography of Bernard Mendoza

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Luke Adams Glass Blower

If there is one thing Luke Adams knew about himself growing up, it’s that he was destined to be an artist.Now, in his thirties, Adams runs his own studio. Here, he and his staff create glass art like mini starfish, heart sun catchers and small vases using 2,200 °F ovens. One of The Gallery at [...]

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